Dianne Feinstein Releases Sensitive Info In On-Going Case

Dianne Feinstein Releases Sensitive Info In On-Going Case

Author: Glenn "Caz" Cazenave/Tuesday, January 09, 2018/Categories: Trump/Russia, In Brief

Aug. 24, 1985:

 Mayor Dianne Feinstein disclosed yesterday that the gun used to kill a San Francisco accountant last Saturday was used by the "Night Stalker" to murder some of his Los Angeles victims. The ballistics tests prove that the serial killer is "somewhere in the Bay Area," said the mayor.


Her disclosure came on the second day of a widespread effort by the San Francisco police to track down the person who is believed to be the killer of Peter Pan as well as several women in Los Angeles County. Pan, 66, was asleep in his bed in his home near Lake Merced when he was shot in the head by an intruder. His wife, Barbara, also shot in the head by the attacker, apparently after she awoke, remains in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital. Surprised San Francisco police would not confirm the mayor's statement that ballistic tests linked Pan's killer with the "Night Stalker's" seven known victims.


Her announcement was "premature" and could compromise the case against the killer, one officer said. "It was a buffoon statement," snorted a second officer. "There goes the gun into the bay." All the officers asked to remain anonymous.


Update: Mayor Feinstein's diclosure broke the case and Richard Ramirez was identified by citizens on the streets of Los Angeles as the The Night Stalker on August 30, 1985, one week later.


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